Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Brief Relief

As a first-year law student (aka One L), David has had several assignments, though none as tedious as the appellate brief. For weeks now, he has worked relentlessly-- writing, editing, writing, editing, writing, editing. I, an undiagnosed OCD patient, have never seen anything like it. Their assignment page specifies such things as: which font to use, font size, font color, paragraph alignment, page number format, etc. Never knew lawyers could be so picky. This is what I have looked at for the past week straight:

And now, he is finally finished. Whoo Hoo! After talking about it with him so much, I feel as if I can say, we finally finished, though he has done the majority of the grunt work. I just serve as Critique-r Numero Uno. Part of the motivation behind his long, grueling hours of work is the Best Appellate Brief award. Appellate briefs from the entire One L class are read and judged by a group of professors and one lucky One L will receive this honor...along with a $500 cash prize. David has made it his J-O-B to win this highly prized recognition. They could keep the money (well maybe not), he just wants the recognition. I swear, he could pass for an only child.

So after he turns his brief in tomorrow morning at 9 AM, we will have relief from this tediousness, at least until the next assignment we have.

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