Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sips n Strokes

What could be more delightful than wine and paint? Tonight, Fabulous Girl Emily invited moi to enjoy an evening at Sips n Strokes. You bring your beverage of choice and they provide the paint and canvas. All for a mere $25. Our group chose to bring a mixture of reds and whites. Though I did spot a few Michelob Ultra and Bud Light six packs. Oh, to be back in Alabama!

Luckily FG Emily had chosen a night when the theme was "Circles," not a bad choice for, uhm hmm, amateur artistes. Our instructor was quite fab, too. She immediately removed any chance of painter's block by instructing us to paint the entire canvas red. Then, the real fun began. We just painted circles- big circles, little circles, hoops, dots, swirls. I had such fun, letting go of my Type A inhibitions.

A Picasso in the making....

and Voila!

You even get to paint your name on their wall...

You can check out their locations, times and painting options at Sips n Strokes.

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Emily said...

:) We HAVE to go again!!!