Monday, April 21, 2008

The Big Debut

This weekend was so sunny and warm that I was finally able to debut my Lilly Pulitzer umbrella! Fab Girl Anna came up for a cookout. And, as with most of my tchotchkes, this umbrella has a little story. My Mom and I found it at TJ Maxx at a bargain price. I brought it home, to which David replied, "We already have an umbrella for the table, why do we need another?"

Such is the plight of most women. Little do our men know that we always need another! How could I reason with someone who didn't understand the rare occassion of finding a Lilly Pulitzer umbrella with a pink and white gingham trim and matching cover at TJ's for a bargain price? I had to explain to David that functionality or practicality is simply not within my mind's range. The purpose of this fabulous umbrella is its sheer decorative value.

Conclusion/Compromise: When I have my girlfriends over, I will use my umbrella. For all other purposes, we will use the umbrella included with the porch furniture.

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