Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A New Addition

We have a new addition to our milk glass family! David's mom was so generous to bestow this lovely piece upon me! Never in all my years of thrifting or flea marketing have I ever seen any thing like this. This piece made me jump up and down, clapping my hands in sheer excitement. It is hobnail, first of all, with scallop edges and a pedestal. My three favorite things all wrapped into one beautiful package. Words simply cannot express my feelings about this piece.

When I was young, I would lie in bed at night for hours trying to fall asleep. Rather than count sheep, I would draw up my fire plan. I remember thinking, "Which purses would I leave behind? What Barbies are going to make it?" My fire plan now consists of getting this chip and dip platter out safely.

Now it sits nicely in our dining room glass cabinet. Front and center, obviously. It is the jewel of my collection.


Emmy said...

seriously - you have WAY too much milk glass. you are going to have to start your own thrift store / flee market soon!

Melissa said...

hey! I happened upon your blog...I LOVE milkglass! Wondering if I could get your advice on it. Some people say the irridescent (sp) is good, others say no. What is your take?