Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Three Reasons Why You Need A Man

Each Christmas, I remember Mom saying, "This is why you need a man, Elizabeth, to put up the Christmas tree. This was also said when we were moving/needing a truck to haul flea market finds. Well, I found the third. Groups of three sound better anyway, right?

Women Need Men to:
1. Put up Christmas trees.
2. Borrow trucks from to haul things and perhaps help in the hauling things away part, too.
3. Repair a flat tire.

Now, my Dad always told me I should know how to do no. 3 on my own. All girls should, or at least that's what we've been taught by our respective fathers.

And I can change a flat.

..... in theory. But, when it actually happened this weekend while David and I were heading out of town, I thought, "Oh no, what are we going to do?" Then I remembered I had a man with me. Phew!!!

So, this post is dedicated to David and all you other Mr. Don't Worry I Can Change Your Flat Tire Men out there. What would we do without you?

Here's our sad little flat. Ruth, my car, made the saddest little rumbling noise.
Close-up shot. I instructed David that I had to take pictures to capture the moment for my fellow readers.
Sweet David jacking my car up.
I'm sure he appreciated the fact that I was snapping pictures while he was working.
Here's what I was focused on: Target, Home Depot, Ross and TJ's. I noticed these a bit too late, else I could have jumped the fence, gone shopping and let him fix the tire. Too bad.

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