Monday, August 18, 2008

Victoria, British Columbia: Part Two

A bit delayed, but here nonetheless... Round two of pictures from Victoria, BC.

A gorgeous sunset seen while dining on the Fairmont Empress veranda. Heaven on earth.

Me standing beneath the ivy-covered Empress donning my brand new Lilly jacket!

The old girl in all her glory. It was such a majestic hotel.

THE most beautiful grouping of pink hydrangeas I've ever seen.

My new favorite street: Fort Street/Antique Row.

One of my favorite shopping finds was a store by the name of Classic Silverware. These were some of her items. I loved this chair!

There is also something I love about stacked tables.

The view from my third floor hotel room!

I loved these whimsically painted shops located on Lower Johnson Street aka LoJo.

Throughout the city, there were these beautiful hanging baskets. And look above at the window boxes. Must be wonderful growing flowers without the Southeastern heat waves!

nd I would not be my mother's daughter if I did not visit the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

In conclusion, Victoria was wonderful. I wish I could have stayed for another week!

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Trina said...

Love the pictures - especially the flowers! It is as beautiful as I expected. I am going to have to encourage David to move BC up on our visit list.

Aunt Trina