Thursday, June 25, 2009


What can I say, summer just makes for bad blog updates! Here's the elevator version of what May and June have entailed.

1. Mom and I enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day weekend together in Sandestin, Florida. A weekend full of delicious food, endless shopping, and beach time. To clearly illustrate just how much shopping occurred, I've included a picture of the car on the return trip home.

(In regards to my previous post, the fortune cookie was wrong. Those next few days were not a lucky time for me. I took a chance, and I did not, in fact, win the lottery. Shucks.)

2. For Memorial Day weekend, I drove home to beautiful Lake Martin and enjoyed some much needed time on the water with friends.

On our way home, I spotted this lone sail boat. I snapped a picture so I can paint it in my next life.

3. In mid-June, my boss and I did a Tour de South so to speak for our event site visits. My two favorites places were the Ritz Carlton Amelia Island and the Sandestin Grand. The first picture is the view of the ocean from my room at the Ritz. Every room has an oceanview and balcony. Gotta love the Ritz. The second picture is Brian and me at the Sandestin Grand Resort.

So, that sums up my May and June. I can hardly believe June is almost over!! Oh, and I almost forgot - I celebrated my 25th birthday! I'll post pictures as soon as I can upload them.

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