Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Magazine Junkie

It's my belief that girls are programmed to enjoy magazines at an early age. How else can we explain it? One of my colleagues and dear, dear friends Wendy won't even confess to how many subscriptions she has. (I'm afraid it must be in the double digits!) And, my sister eyes the day when her magazines arrive by mail so that she can soak in the tub, magazine in hand. Annndd, my mother still has all of her Victoria and Martha Stewart Living magazines since they began printing.

Here are some of my favorites, old and new:

1. Sweet Paul Magazine - it's an online magazine! Beautiful photography and wonderful ideas. Love the aesthetic of this one.

2. Garden & Gun Magazine - when I express my love for this magazine, many think I'm reading the equivalent of Field & Stream. Yuck. This title is a bit misleading. In two words this magazine is: New South. Think mason jars filled with modern cocktails, dresses with cowboy boots, crawfish boils, you get the point. It's ahhh-may-zing.

3. Coastal Living - reading this magazine makes me want to move to the beach, purchase a beach shack, ride a bicycle to the fish market and lie on the beach all day.

4. House Beautiful - this magazine on the other hand makes me want to hire an interior designer - an idea I've never been completely comfortable with.

5. Country Living - I have loved this magazine for about three years now. Some of the changes I haven't been fond of, but overall I couldn't part with this subscription.

6. Martha Stewart - Old Faithful. Will I ever tire of this magazine. I simply can't imagine it. I love her. I met her at a book signing once and I completely froze. My mom says I haven't stopped talking since the day they adopted me, but that day I was speechless.

If you have any favorites, please share! I would love to have even more subscriptions!


Lacey said...

#1 Please take pictures of how your mother has stored all those magazines!

#2 I also get Martha Stewart Living, and just started getting Elle Decor. I also do Real Simple, Vanity Fair, Us Weekly, Glamour...maybe I should stop...

A Classic Pearl said...

I will have to take pictures the next time I'm home, though some of her magazines are quite tattered. She has definitely gotten good use from them. I love Vanity Fair!!! I don't know why I don't subscribe to that one.

AnnieO said...

GARDEN AND GUN? ARE YOU SERIOUS? You need to move back to Boston. You've officially lost it.