Monday, July 19, 2010

City Mouse Visits the Country.....sort of

I. went. hiking.

ahhhhhh, shriek, gasp, bang, ahhhhh.

David tricked convinced me to go to Oak Mountain State Park on Saturday. He told me that we could just walk around at the park. I later learned that he actually meant hike the mountain to see the waterfall and then hike back. So I learned the meaning of "walk around" and David learned how to convince me to go hiking.

Here are my hiking shoes...

A little sweaty, but handsome nonetheless...

Seeing this log reminded me of the movie Troop Beverly Hills where the troop leader has to walk the log to cross the ravine. Perhaps I am the only one who has watched and remembered this movie? "5,6,7,8, we're the girls from Beverly Hills...."

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AnnieO said...

"I am the log. I am the ravine. I am scared."

Jules said...

Just found your blog through Angela at Sweet Tea Diaries and love it! That is so cute that you guys went on a hike. It sounds like it turned out okay.

I completely remember the movie Troop Beverly Hills! That was always a great one growing up. The log also reminds me of that one scene with Baby and Johnny in Dirty Dancing ;)