Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vintage Bottles

Lately I've noticed beautiful collections of vintage bottles everywhere. I love collecting. Perhaps, it's a melange of my type-A tendencies and shopping addiction. Organize, buy, organize, buy... It's sick I tell you!

Plus, my milk glass collection has started to round itself out. Don't get me wrong, I'm always open to another piece of milk glass. How could I deny that milky white hobnail loveliness?

Anyway, I believe I need a new thingamabob to scavenger for at thrift stores and flea markets. And, I think I know what that thingamabob is.... vintage glass bottles. I've already started the hunt for soft blue mason jars. These are much more difficult to find than you think.

Below is a collection of beautiful collections....

I love this soft palette of muted greys and blues.

This look is a bit more contemporary, but still wonderful.

How lovely is this otherwise drab window seal? I think ranunculus is perfect for any vase!
Here's the how-to video on how to transform your bottles with a bit of paint. 

Vintage apothecary bottles have a new life.

This grouping is fabulous. How better to display summer wildflowers?

This was an idea from event designer David Stark. He spray painted the outside of the bottles and then dissected a cheap mixed bouquet into a wonderful display.

So simple and yet so beautiful.

Let the collecting begin!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so excited to find someone who wants to collect the things I collect- we must be twins, lol!

I am obsessed with blue mason jars (to plant flowers in, use for my future wedding/reception- really for everything, lol!).
I also get waaaay too excited over antique glass medicine bottles and kitchen ingredients. Bonus points if the bottles still have cough syrup or product inside :)

My granny gave me an antique cardboard canister of baking powder- it expired 20 years ago, so we know it had to have been waaaaay older than that to be expiring then- and it still had powder inside!!!!

Sorry such a long comment, I just got really excited hahaha!

Elizabeth @ A Classic Pearl said...

Polish & Pearls -- It is always fun to find a fellow collector to revel in your finds with, isn't it?! I think "the find" is half the fun in collecting, don't you?

carlotta said...

Oh dear. I'm head over heels in love - especially with the first and third pictures. Swoon.
Must. get. more. bottles. ;)

Elizabeth @ A Classic Pearl said...

Carlotta - The first and third are probably my faves too. I can't wait to try bottle-painting!

Shabby Beach Nest said...

Hi Elizabeth!! I know this post is almost a year old, but I'm still obsessed with vintage and colored glass bottles. I wanted to let you know that I linked to you in my post today. If you never got around to painting bottles before, I hope this helps!! ^_^