Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Insanity = Can't Walk

I can't walk. No joke.

On Monday, I did the first DVD of the Insanity workout. Tuesday, I woke up feeling pret-ty sore. I made it through the day. Then, I got home, took off my high heels and almost fell over with pain. For some reason, it hurts more when I'm barefoot. I walked around my house last night like a flat footed duck. It hurts when I arch, bend, you name it. Now, this morning, I woke up, slid out of bed, and thought my legs were going to crumble. Exercise and me are having a rough start.


Anonymous said...

I love being sore from a workout- if I do a new workout and am not sore the next day, I usually won't do it again because I don't feel like it's working, lol!

Elizabeth @ A Classic Pearl said...

I suppose that is the silver lining - that the workout actually works. I just hope I can make it through the workout!