Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tom Sawyer, Watch Out.

On my lunch break, I decided to share where we are going this weekend! David and I along with a group of friends are taking a little jaunt. We are going white water rafting on the Nantahala! We've talked about this trip for months now, and being the Last Minute Larry that we are, we decided on Sunday to take a trip on Friday. Our cabin is in Bryson City, North Carolina. Does Bryson City sound familiar to you - I just found out it was the filming location for much of The Fugitive with my mom's crush Harrison Ford.

Here are some pictures of our little log cabin. Despite its Tom Sawyer decor, I admit I'm quite excited about it. It has a horseshoe pit, hot tub, porch, deck, game room, and poker table. I think it will be perfect for a weekend away. I can't believe I just typed that I was excited about a horseshoe pit - who am I?! Anyway, we got a fabulous, fabulous deal on the cabin, so that makes it even better

Back Deck:

Game Room with Foos Ball and Pool Table. I see some Chandler and Joey Tribbiani foos ball action going on here!

Aforementioned horseshoe pit

Hot tub

Upstairs loft with a bunk and trundle bed. Jordan - this is  yours. I can just feel it. It has a Play Station too!

Downstairs patio with a sound system

Poker table for the guys...and maybe me. What can I say, I like competitive activities.

 Porch with rocking chairs - how very Southern!

 P.S. If any of you have heard of, much less been to Bryson City, please let me know of any antique places and good restaurants!


Annie O said...

You totally googled the spelling of "Tribbiani."

Katie Beth said...

Elizabeth! I have been to Bryson City several times! For 3 yrs my fiance and I + 2 other couples would go and stay for a long weekend. We LOVE it!

I will send you a more detailed email bc that may be too much for a blog comment! ;)

Elizabeth @ A Classic Pearl said...

Thanks KB!

Annie O - I actually knew how to spell Joey's last name. Is that a good or bad thing?!!

Jessica said...

What a great cabin!! And you got a great deal on it? Awesome!

I wish I was spending my upcoming weekend in a relaxing cabin out in the wilderness!

Hope you guys have fun!