Sunday, January 16, 2011

Movie Buff

David and I have become quite the movie-watchers lately. Perhaps it's the cold weather that has us indoors or perhaps it's the $1 movies available at Redbox. I thought I would share some of our movie-watching habits so you could rent them or avoid the same mistakes we have made....

1. Dinner for Schmucks....Steve Carell, you disappoint me. I expected a mediocre comedy from Paul Rudd, but you? I suppose after Date Night, I should have known your knack for selecting great scripts/screenplays has become skewed. I made it halfway through the movie and I had to ask David to end the torture. He watched it later and said it continued to decrease in quality.

2. Get Him to the Greek....this was another David-selected movie. I am not really the type of gal to rent a movie with a jacket of Russell Brandt and his mouth wide open. Just not me. But, I decided to indulge Mr. David. After Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I thought this was worth a shot. Three-quarters of the way, David asked me if we should just turn it off. That far along, I thought we could at least see how this movie ended. It was okay. Wouldn't rent it again.

3. Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio....I actually liked this one a lot. It was super weird as most Leo movies are (Shutter Island, Aviator, Revolutionary Road). Weird in that whole out-of-body, esoteric type way. But good. This film is also nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture - Drama.

4. The Kids Are All Right.... I watched this one by myself. I have wanted to see this one since it first previewed: I'm a huge Annette Bening fan. This one is also nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture- Comedy or Musical. Annette Bening's performance was incredibly convincing. I mean, who would have ever thought of Annette as a convincing lesbian mother? I completely understand why she has been nominated for a Golden Globe. I thought this movie was interesting because it portrayed the inner workings of a modern-day family, complete with donors, lesbian mothers, and teenagers.  Superb - a must see.

Any other good movie recommendations? I think we're going to see Morning Glory tonight at the $1 movie theater.

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