Wednesday, April 13, 2011

strawberry pickin'

My dad and I have talked about strawberry picking for over two years now.  Year after year, the local strawberry season would quickly passed us by. Until now! Daddy found a local "u-pick" strawberry farm in Dadeville, Alabama. So, this weekend, Daddy, David and I headed to the farm. Despite my allergy mess, I loved it. There's something so wholesome and simple about harvesting food straight from the vine, isn't there? Makes me just feel Southern.

This farm had about 10,000 strawberry plants. That's a whole lot of berries!

David slurping down his Monster energy drink before picking. I guess he had to get his game face on. Sorry, by the way, for the bum shot of my dad. While David was warming up, Daddy got a head start on us.

I sort of turned in to my late "Granny" snapping pictures of plants. Trust me, I spared you about 3 more that I took. I know a person can only handle looking at so many botanical photos. I just thought the berries looked so pretty, attached to their maiden plant.

Slow start. It was difficult to resist eating all the berries you could handle.

Again, another botanical shot. I suppose they keep the cover on the roots for watering/irrigation? Just a guess.

Okay last botanical shot, I promise. I liked seeing the white flowers on the plants, too.

Full bucket, ready for eating!

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Caroline said...

I've always wanted to go strawberry picking! Lucky you! Hope they were delicious!