Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer List #6: Make pesto from my basil

Yesterday,  David and I tackled number six on the Summer List. We made pesto! Real, homemade pesto.

Here's my new food processor that I mentioned last week. I snapped a picture before the maiden voyage! He's so clean - fresh out of the box.  

I chose Ina Garten's pesto recipe, which calls for parmesan cheese, pine nuts, walnuts, basil, garlic, olive oil and salt and pepper. 

Here's all five cups of basil. I thought I should take a glory shot before it was sliced and diced into pesto.

Tah-dah! After we finished the pesto, we followed another Ina Garten recipe for pasta, pesto and peas. With a few more extra ingredients (peas, spinach, mayonnaise and pasta), we took freshly made pesto into (scroll down)

.....this! Voila. Ina's pasta, pesto and peas (say that three times fast) was, in a nutshell, heavenly. The basil was sacrificed for such a great meal. The pesto had a herb-y bite mixed with the salty parmesan and summer peas. YUM.  I hope all items on the Summer List go this well!