Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Athletic Attorneys....?

Ever seen a lawyer play softball? Exactly. So you can imagine the free entertainment I enjoy every Wednesday night at the ballpark watching David play in his lawyer softball league. Watching them battle it out on the field is way more fun than in the courtroom.  As a matter of fact, tonight I witnessed a 30 year old on the opponent's team pitch a fit on. the. field. in response to the umpire's call. By pitching a fit, I mean, pulled off his glove, threw it on the ground while yelling loud enough to where I could hear him on the bleachers. Yes, this really a lawyers' softball league.

Anyway, I thought it was about time I capture the athletic prowess that was before me. Now, before I go into detail, I will say, I'm only half joking. I love David's team and I think they're great. But, come on, it's lawyers......playing softball. How could I pass up this chance?

The team. Take what you will from the absence of uniforms. 

Another shot of the team. 

Here's where my proud girlfriend role comes in.
Here's David playing in the outfield. 

Here's David at bat. He's left handed, but bats/swings right. 

Here's David about to run to first after hitting a great ground ball. 

Here's David on first. 

Here's David just walking around on the field. 

Here's David with his bestie Jonathan. 

Here's Kathryn (Jonathan's wife) and I. We are self-appointed team cheerleaders. I am much more comfortable on this side of the fence...eating, drinking and reading magazines. 


Legally Brunette Kate said...

My dad used to play on a recreation old guy's hockey league (he's a lawyer) and they were BRUTAL. With the hits and the fighting you think they were playing in the NHL.

I'm starting law school next month and I imagine my classmates will be equally argumentative.

Elizabeth said...

That's so funny! I bet hockey would be even better to watch. Good luck with law school!