Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer List #25: Weekend Trip to Callaway Gardens Part 1

Ever heard of Callaway Gardens? For those not from Alabama or Georgia, probably not. Callaway Gardens is located in Pine Mountain, Georgia, right over the Alabama/Georgia state line and it's primarily known as a senior citizen destination for vacations. Oh yeah, that and the butterfly conserveratory. Since David and I can't get enough time with senior citizens or butterflies, we decided to go for a weekend getaway. That, coupled with the Summer Fun Pass they were advertising. For a flat rate, we had access to everything and we took advantage of it all. The Fun Pass basically had me at zip line. So, let the photos begin.....

Here's our little cottage David got for us. I thought it was sweet he reserved this over just an ordinary room. We arrived late Friday night, so we didn't really have a chance to see the actual Gardens coming in.  

It was cozy  - a little outdated decor, but all nice and quiet. 

 Saturday morning, we got up bright and relatively early. Sidenote - hardly anyone is up and at 'em here before 10 AM. We went directly to the bike rentals. This is David's excited face.  

This is my bike! I was so pleased that the staff paired me with such a beauty. The chain could've used a little WD-40 love, but it was awfully cute. 

Callaway has about 10 miles worth of bike trails. So, I put David in charge of the map.

Here's a view of one of the many lakes and one of the two golf courses along the bike trail.  

We stopped and took a picture in front of a little waterfall along the trail. With the canopy of trees, the heat was actually bearable.

I had David snap a few shots of me on the bike. I'm not the most athletic of girls and I was a little unsure of bike riding. Let's just say I've had a few not so good experiences with bikes in the past 5 years. (Oh heck, I'll just say it - I fell off a bike in France.) So, I thought I better get proof that my 20-something self can still ride a bike while I had the opportunity.

Plus, I thought my outfit was really well coordinated. Pastel outfit on a pastel bike.
So I had him snap another :)

Five miles later....I was dog-tired. I chose the Strawberry Lemonade. I needed all the electrolytes I could get my hands on. I was exhausted. And we still had 2.5 miles more to go. I mistakenly thought the Callaway bicycle trails would be nice, paved relatively flat trails with a few leisurely hills. No, no, no. (The above image is a little misleading.) The trail was smack full of steep, sweat-inducing inclines. I thought I was about to pass out. Either that or my thighs would give out and I'd tumble off my bike down the hill I had just sloooowly pedaled through.

While we enjoyed our drinks of choice, we noticed a tournament going on. Come to find out, it was a Junior PGA tournament. These 12-17 year olds were incredibly talented. I could have stayed and watched them all day....especially knowing it was that or getting back on that bike for 2.5 miles. That's probably the first time I've ever wanted to actually watch golf.

While we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Callaway Gardens, I would definitely not deem it a culinary destination. However, we did stumble upon the "South's Finest." Who knew it was located right in Pine Mountain? We took our chances and opted against it for the Whistling Pig Cafe. Oink, oink. Good bbq.

After we pigged out at lunch (I couldn't resist the pun), we headed straight to Aqua Island, an obstacle course of sorts on Robin Lake.

 Little tidbit - Robin Lake is also where they host the Masters Waterski Tournament.

At first, we were a little hesitant. Afterall, we were the only 20 year olds without kids. We briefly contemplated snatching a 5 year-old and pretending he/she was ours so we'd have an excuse to be on this obstacle island to begin with. But, once we hopped on the "Island," all our inhibitions faded away. We acted like 12 year olds. It was a blast. Here we are all waterlogged.

Part 2 to come tomorrow!


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Lacey said...

So fun and cute! Love that you match your bike :)