Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer List #4, #7: Outdoor Flick & Picnic

Friday night, our group did two things we've never done before -- a picnic and movie in the park. I felt like I was practically in Boston again! And, best part of it all, I got to check off two items on the Summer List. I love me some multi-tasking. Efficient fun, if you will.

One of our local parks hosts Free Friday Flicks during the summer months. All of the movies are children's movies and this week, we were pleased to watch Rango. I know, not really a blockbuster hit among 20 somethings, but it was cute. Plus Johnny Depp was the voice of the lead character. 

Here's the big screen:  

 Lawn chairs and blankets covered the grass. I was quite surprised by the crowd with our recent heat wave. The movie started around 8:15 and the temperature was still around 85 degrees. Seesh. This is the best photo I could get with it being nighttime. Sorry!

 For our picnic, we had fried chicken, potato salad and tomatoes and basil. It felt very American. Only thing missing was a red/white gingham blanket. Preface: I did not fry the chicken. No, we got that from the grocery store. I did however, prepare the side items. I chose a no mayo potato salad (aka German potato salad, I think?) and it was delicious, if I do say so myself. The tomatoes and basil were simple - tomatoes, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt/pepper and basil. Again photo quality, not so great. These are the remnants of our picnic.

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sSe said...

There's nothing more perfect for summer than an outdoor movie!