Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bangle Galore

Newest obsession: bangles. It seems everywhere I turn I see them. I almost had a fit in JCrew the other day, seeing all the different colors next to one another for a wonderfully merchandised display of color. JCrew sure knows how to entice.  Here are a few that have recently caught my eye.

JCrew Bangle in Georgia Peach
If this isn't the loveliest little bracelet you've ever laid eyes on, I don't know what is. And leave it to JCrew to come up with a name like Georgia Peach. Even sweeter. 

Target Yellow and White Bangle
Yes, I said Target. I love this color combo!

JCrew Bangle in Neon Azalea.
In store, they had this color right next to red and it looked so great together. 
Such a modern color combo.

Kate Spade About Town Idiom Bangle
For those who want to splurge!

Kate Spade Bow Bridge Thing Bangle
Again, a splurge item, but so sweet.

Kate Spade Double Bow Hinged Bangle
Can I say, sweet, one more time? I love the more delicate look of this one.

Target Turquoise Bangle
I like the bamboo look of this one. 
I do wish it were in gold rather than silver, but still a cute option.

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