Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh Ocoee

This weekend, we visited one of the finest attractions in the great state of Tennessee, as my friend Woody would say about his beloved home state.

The Ocoee River. (it deserved a line all its own)

We stayed in the sleepy little town of McCaysville, Georgia, which is just over the Tennessee - Georgia line.

Here's the mountain view from our cabin. 
The leaves were just beginning to turn!

When I arrived late Friday night, I found our Eagle Scout Jordan by the fire pit. Right at home.

 Wes, Kathryn and Lizzie in the hot tub 
(which has now become the bane of our existence due to bacterial infections for three of us - yeah gross.)

Me with Lizzie and Kathryn right before white water rafting on the Ocoee. No one ever could have prepared us for how cold the water would be. I'll have those pictures later this week!

What else did we do in a cabin. in the woods. for three days. You ask? 
We tried to take pretty posed shots with the beautiful mountainview backdrop.

Some were more successful than others. 

 We took a hike.

David was oh-so-proud of himself and his roaring fire he started. I thought this picture best captured his happiness and how pleased he was with himself. 

I found two new tools that I was obsessed with. The first: a head lamp. Such a clutch tool to have around when gathering kindlin or just in general for nighttime.

The second: a fire bellow. Ob-sessed. 
Kathryn liked to "scratch" or "pet" the wood with the fire poker while I bellowed. 
It was hilarious at the time. 

Overall, a fabulous weekend in the woods. Pictures of our rafting adventure to come later.


Kasi said...

Hank and I have been wanting to take a mountain trip this year. This might be a place we need to check out! I love your rain boots by the way....so cute!

Ms. Givens said...

I love road trips and I love Georgia!

Annie O said...

My mom wears a head lamp when she wakes up in the middle of the night and wants to read without waking my dad... quite the sight.