Tuesday, August 14, 2012

chasing waterfalls

Saturday, David and I took Lucy to Oak Mountain State Park.

Scratch that.

Saturday, I took David and Lucy to Oak Mountain State Park.

Remember our last trip, when David bamboozled me into "walking around the park" aka hiking. Surprisingly enough, this trip was my idea. I thought it'd be a great activity for Lucy and I wanted to go back to the waterfall at Peavine Falls. I knew David would be game.

This was our first glimpse of the gushing waterfall. I was amazed at something so beautiful could be right here in Birmingham. 

I held back while David took Lucy to the water. 

You can see David's silhouette in the far distance. 

David had so much fun splashing around with the other kids. 

But...Lucy wasn't really enjoying herself. The air was wet with spray, the water was cold and it was loud with the rush of the water. I have to imagine it must've felt like one big giant bath tub and Lucy is not the biggest fan of baths. 

 We couldn't have chosen a more beautiful day. The weather was perfect. 

We hiked over to the top of the waterfall. Here's the part leading up to it. 

A parting shot. I love this picture with the two of them hanging out. 

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