Wednesday, April 30, 2008

All Dogs Go to Heaven

This post will be dedicated to Molly, our dog of 16 years, who went to Heaven on Monday. Mom and I will miss hearing the jingle of her red collar, but we have the fondest memories. We got Molly when I was in second grade. She was the shy one among the bunch and to choose her, I had to pull her from the corner she had backed into. Molly was a survivor in every sense of the word! She survived a fatal illness when she was only a puppy and 3+ hits by the UPS truck. Her medical bills far exceeded mine.

Being of beagle hound roots, she hunted everything: cats (sad, but true), ducks, squirrels, chipmunks and birds. I remember coming home from school to find a duck head from a neighbor's pond lying on our front porch. Molly was so proud. Little did she know what trouble she had caused, much less, what trouble she was in.

Molly had wonderful friends growing up, too. Santuck, Luke, Annabelle, Sunny and Molly. They were history-making dogs, I suppose. Because of them, our city passed the leash law. (A city councilor lived around the block. He was not a dog lover and a Yankee who couldn't fathom dogs rambling around the city sidewalks sans owner.) This was devastating to their little Rat Pack.

Molly was no longer able to enjoy breakfast at the Piggly Wiggly grocery store, lunch at Carlisle's drug store or dinner at Cecil's. Though she still enjoyed the chase of a duck or squirrel, Molly really loved to hunt already prepared food. Many a days, Mom and I would receive a phone call, "Hey we just saw Molly standing at Carlisle's. Do you want me to bring her home?" Occassionally I would ride my bike to the "Pig" to buy some odds and ends for Mom. I'd park my bike alongside the newspaper stands and instruct Molly to remain at the door. For the most part, she obeyed, waiting patiently at the automatic sliding glass doors until my return. However, at times impatience overcame her and she would join me in the aisles. She loved Piggly Wiggly's southern deli! Thank goodness we lived in a small town and people knew Molly.

Molly was such a sweet soul. If a dog could understand southern hospitality, she certainly did. Molly loved company! As soon as they would a car would enter the driveway, she would run to greet them and if inside, she would meet them at the door with a wagging tail. And when they left, she would escort them outside and bark to ensure safety. We will surely miss her wagging tail and her gentle nudges.

We thought it was only appropriate to have red ribbon for Molly. She looked so pretty with her red collar.

We prepared Molly's grave in our backyard.

Mom decided to plant rosemary, an herb signifying remembrance, on her grave.

Here's Mom taking water to the newly planted rosemary. She always took the best care of Molly.

Mom loves white snowballs, so we added some in honor of Molly.

Molly had anything but a dog's life. I thought I'd share a few pictures of her growing up. Okay, actually, it's a lot of pictures. I just couldn't decide which to exclude, so I did them all.

These were taken the week we got Molly. She was such a cute pup!

As I mentioned, Molly was a beagle and loved to hunt and catch. Even if it was a pinecone.

She loved howling with the train.

After the leash law became effective, she enjoyed looking out my Mom's bedroom window.

I'm not sure why my Molly plopped down beside this wooden cow. Bigger question is why my. grandmother had a wooden cow in her backyard. (Don't ask. You would have had to known her.)

Molly playing in the snow! One of Alabama's few snowstorms in the 90s.

Molly perched in one of my Mom's dining room chairs.

Mom and Molly Christmas 2003

Molly loved being wherever we were. Here she is amidst my Mom's Christmas giftwrapping galore.

Molly and me Christmas 2003
We will miss you Molly!


ReRe said...

So Sorry but the Old Girl had a Great Lift with such a Great Mom and Sister.

Anonymous said...

I can't stop crying....How sad! I hope your mom's ok. I know she loved Molly so much. I'm so sorry Elizabeth. I love you, Ronnie

Anonymous said...

Molly was a great dog. May she rest in peace. My only hope is that she has an infinite supply of vienna sausages waiting for her in doggy heaven.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, you did a wonderful job, and we will all miss Molly very much. I think though Molly may be in Cat heavan as many lives as she had! Amy

Anna said...

Your post in memory of Molly is perfect and so sweet! I love the pictures of her growing up! I know that Molly was well aware that she truly lived the high life! That whole little block of town will never be the same without her. Love, Anna

Emmy said...

First of all - I'm so sad about Molly - sorry to hear about the news. The pictures are adorable and my thoughts are with you.

Second of all... on a lighter note - PLEASE don't tell me you really have a Piggly Wiggly !!??!!- I really need to come visit this place :)

Miss you!!