Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools, not so much

Happy April Fools to those of you who celebrate. Me, not so much. Not really the prankster type of gal. The only April Fools prank I have pulled occurred while I was a freshman in college. I was sitting in my dorm common room with my floormates, talking to my Mom on Instant messenger. I knew she would never believe anything like, hey Mom I've been arrested or anything remotely similar. But I did know her biggest fear of my going off to Boston for college- dying/coloring my hair. Every time I came home, she expressed her relief at not seeing my black hair with blonde or red highlights. Not that either of us have a problem with dyed, colored or highlighted hair. It's just that I am Asian and typically, Asians do not look good with this sort of chemical treatment.

So, I told her that I had. To really hammer it home, I replied to her shock with "It's my hair and I can do with it as I please." She immediately logged off. Two minutes later, I'm receive a call from one of my good friends from home, "Ehlizahbeth, did you realllly dye your hair, because your Mom called my Mom all upset about it and my Mom said to call you to see if you had."

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