Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shoes to Choose

Stepping Stone Thongs from Anthropologie

Navajo in Gold by Jack Rogers

Last time I purchased casual flat sandals was Spring 2005 while I was traveling through Capri, Italy. What a terribly long time frame! Although, I do love that Capri is etched into my sole. The cobbler only had to utter, "Jackie Kennedy loved these," before I was counting out my Euros. (He probably saw me as an easy target. Either way I'm satisfied.)

But, summer is just around the corner + there is room in my closet = shoe shopping. I like both of these, mainly for their thong style. The Jack Rogers hold in more of your foot, which is a good thing. I hate floppy sandals. However, the decorative turquoise stones are quite appealing as well. ....the decisions a girl must make!

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