Monday, April 14, 2008

Dothan, Alabama - Home of THE National Peanut Festival

Little did I know on Thursday I'd be traveling to the Home of the National Peanut Festival. Who says Alabama is not cultured? On the way to our friends' home, we spotted these everywhere!

I thought they were hilarious, until I saw him:

Unfortunately, we were about six months early for the festival. Aww, shucks! We did, however, enjoy some boiled peanuts. For you non-Southern blog-ees, boiled peanuts are exactly that- boiled peanuts still in their shells. One eats them by first sucking all the salty juice out of the shell. Sometimes this calls for putting the entire shell in one's mouth. Then cracking it open with either one's hands or teeth and eating the soft peanuts. Yum.

As I mentioned my stop numero uno was the Highlands Antique Mall. It was absolutely fabulous, though a bit pricey. Still dreaming about these pieces:

Pink Milk Glass

Three Tier Table Stand

My pics do little justice for the colors of these two pieces. They were the softest hues of pink and blue.

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ReRe said...

What a Great time we all had. MAny years had passed since we had a chance to sit down and talk----We knew all that had happened to each other over the years but through Family. The 2 of us havent had the chance in a "Long" time. I remember the Day God brought you home and it was a ray of Sunshine in everyone's lives. I will always have that Special Place in my Heart for you.

I hope this is the first of many times to come for all of us to be together and share our lives again.

Lots of Love