Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Day for the History Books

Since moving to Birmingham, it has been the sore subject of conversations, debates and arguments. It has been the eye sore of eye sores. It is our brick fireplace. As you know, I'm a lover of pastels and this fireplace simply doesn't do the trick. I proposed the idea of painting it the moment I walked into our humble abode without much luck.

Tonight I walked in to the living room and heard, just about the best thing ever. David to me: "I am open to considering the idea of painting the fireplace...white." I asked him to say it again to ensure I wasn't dreaming. Seriously, if you knew David and his dislike of the color white, you would understand the significance of this moment. June 10, 2008 will no longer be the day I got a new job (yay!), it will instead be the day David considered painting the fireplace white.

So how, you ask, did he come to this semi-concession? Well, he was running this evening and said that he glanced into a few neighbors windows from the street and saw a white fireplace and it looked....get this.....good. Good! Good! Whatever neighbor it is, thank you from the bottom of my pastel little heart. And thank you for forgetting to close your blinds as well.
An "After" picture to come...hopefully.

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