Sunday, June 1, 2008


In one word, Girls' Weekend was FABULOUS! Mom and Allyson, two of my truly favorite shopping buddies came to Birmingham. I have grown up shopping with these two ladies! Since I was a baby, Allyson = shopping. Only once, did I rebel against the notion. I was 4 years old and Allyson walked into our house. With my hands placed neatly on my hips, I matter of factly stated, "I'm not going shopping." Since then, all we have done is go shopping! What can I say, I had no choice but to love the sport.

So, in true shopaholic style, we had a full day's work Friday. Despite what Emmy thinks, a girl can never have too much milk glass.... Yes, I know I have a milk glass addiction problem. I just can't stop! Two pieces found me, what was I supposed to do? The first being a serving platter found at the Alabama Farmers Market and Flea Market on Finley Avenue and the second being an exquisite pedestal compote from Trussville Antique Mall. Real estate in my glass cabinet is quite limited. The milk glass shelf is rather tight. (Perhaps, this should tell me something.... buy more real estate?) The lovely compote dwells upon my desk now, its job being to hold business cards.

Also at the Trussville Antique Mall, a lovely teacup found me. Teacups are ever so dainty, aren't they? Beauty and the Beast got it right when they gave the teacup a British accent. The daintiness factor for this teacup certainly does not disappoint. The pink hue is accented by a delicate black and gold trim. Pink of perfection.

P.S. If you haven't seen Sex and the City, get out of your seat immediately and run. It's fabulous, just like our girls' weekend! We were all crying one minute and laughing the next. Kudos, kudos, kudos.

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suburban prep said...

I feel that if you have a collection of something it mhelps make who you are.
I have a collection of the German nutcrackers. My husband says I have too many but this past Christmas he added one more to my collection.
Sounds like a great weekend was had.