Friday, July 25, 2008

Best Day on the Job

So, as I mentioned, we had a special guest in our office this week...

This made my year. I was smiling ear to ear as you can see in this picture. The night before, I practiced and practiced and practiced my "Picture with S.L. smile." This was definitely not it. But I got nervous and excited all at the same time--oy! What's a girl to do? And how could I tell S.L. that this was not my good side? That in fact I needed to be on her side in order to capture my good side?

This picture will most definitely be printed and framed. I have an empty frame on my desk at work. Would it be weird if I put this picture in it rather than family members? I feel like most people have pictures of their children. Clearly I do not have these yet. And I feel weird about putting a picture of David and me because of the whole mixing work and personal. I think this one will do the frame justice.

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