Sunday, July 20, 2008

Time for Change

Do you have any spaces or vignettes in your home that you just cannot stop re-working? This one is mine.

I believe the cause behind this obsession is the difficulty I experience in choosing which tchotskies get the lime light and which do not. It's almost like choosing a favorite child. I mean, how does one choose between a lovely hobnail, scallopped milk glass chip and dip and an antique pink and gold teacup? Oy, life's decisions!

And by George, I think I've finally got it. (I say this, and next week, you will probably see a blog post with a new picture.) But for now, I am happy. My collection de milk glass now resides on two shelves and the middle shelf is a melange of pastel favorites. Atop the cabinet, I have found a wonderful home for this beautiful clock. Our family friend Debbie gave it to me as a birthday gift. I tried placing it on the fireplace mantle, but that spot just didn't do it justice. I think the scale is better here!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. I am so excited...we have a very, very special guest coming to the office this week. Many, many outfits need to be scouted.


tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Looks fabulous!

M ^..^

Forever Vintage said...

Your hutch/cupboard would look great painted white. The items inside would show up even better!

Elizabeth B @ A Classic Pearl said...

Tell me about it Forever Vintage. I've been trying to convince my fiance of this for months now!!! I think I might just do a post on this and take a tally of white vs. wood....

Thank you for the inspiration!