Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mistakes Were Made

It must be true what they say about Mondays. This past Monday morning, I was running about two minutes late. I bolted out of my front door only to find this mess.

Someone smashed my passenger side front window, dented my door and stole my lovely Garmin GPS named Emma Grace. Aside from the idea of a perfect stranger invading my personal and private space, I was horrified at the sheer thought of Emma Grace being in those nasty thief hands and ending up in a, dare I say it, pawn shop. Ohhh Emma.

I immediately dialed the police department. Police Officer Church was dispatched to the site. (Small world- he is actually from my and David's hometown, went to the same high school, knows the same people, graduated with our aunts and uncles. This is so Alexander City, Alabama by the way. Wherever you go, you always meet someone from or someone who knows someone from Alex. City. It's weird.) Anyway, he informed me that other occurrences like mine have happened within the past week and in our area. And I believe he has an idea of who the nasty felon is. Take him to jail Church!

So my fellow blog readers, please park your car in a garage if you have one. I do and failed to use it. Also, please put your GPSs and other valuable items out of sight. Normally I am good about this but failed to do so. As our wonderful politicians like to say, mistakes were made.

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Anonymous said...

That is horrible! What really sucks is that we should not have to park in our garages or hide our valuables...what's up with these scum bags!!!!

Poor Emma Grace.

Hope your week gets better!