Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cooking for Madam

Just when I thought my birthday couldn't get any better!

Allyson came to Alex. City this weekend to help us decorate Mom's Christmas booth at the antique mall. Mom and her fellow antiquing friends have seen so much success that they decided to have a booth specifically dedicated to Christmas cheer for the month of July. Aside from the excitement that always accompanies a visit from Allyson, she gave me my birthday gifts.

How beautiful is this piece of milkglass. Fuel to my fiery obsession! I love my little pink cake ornament. It will join the vignette that is home to my Martha Stewart Christmas cupcake ornament. Who said Christmas can't be year around?

The gift that I am most excited about and I think Allyson was most excited about giving is the book. In case the picture is too small, it's called "Cooking with Madam" by Marta Sgobin and it's actually signed! Marta was Jackie O's personal chef while she was married to Ari. In her book, Marta shares thoughtful recipes she concocted for "Madam" as well as intimate anecdotes only a close family friend would know. Reading it, I feel like I'm peaking into the intriguing lives of the Kennedy clan.

To give you some background on this fabulous gift- we have searched the ends of the earth for this book. And Allyson finally found it. She actually found three: one for me, one for Mom and one for Allyson. You see that's our little system--buy in threes. It used to be in twos- just Mom and Allyson. I never thought I'd make it to the club. Finally, the honor was bestowed upon me and I get to partake in the fun!

I'll have to share some passages from this book with you all just to show you how wonderful this book is. Thank you Allyson!