Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Project!

For friends and co-workers, I intended to give homemade baked goods. As we all know, the Christmas schedule gets tied up, things get busy and time is fleeting. Instead, I opted for this semi-homemade idea (Sandra Lee would be oh so proud).

This project begins with wrapping paper (Tiffany blue pour moi), scissors, paper cutter, double stick tape, cute ribbon, hole punch and a Christmasy label. Oh yes, and a Hershey chocolate bar. I like the ones with the silver wrapper.

Next, use the chocolate wrapper to measure the wrapping paper and cut. (I used the paper cutter to even out my un-even cutting.)

After cutting the wrapping paper to size, affix with the double sided tape. Measure ribbon and cut. Then tie a square knot.

Et, voila! So, it's not a diamond ring inside this Tiffany blue paper, but tastier!

1 comment:

Brian said...

I loved the little christmas treat hiding behind that "tiffany" blue! Thank you for being creative and making my holiday special *wink wink beverly!**