Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Me Feel Pretty

Inspired by my lovely, lovely antique perfume bottles, I recently decided to re-think my vanity. No pun intended. For Christmas, Allyson gave me these beautifully shaped bottles and my dressing table just didn't seem to do them justice.

I read in a magazine article that your dressing table should be a beautiful area where your make-up and pretties are displayed nicely. This is after all where we "become" pretty so shouldn't it be pretty as well? I must say, I agree.

So a few Saturday hours later, I went from this...

.... to this. I love all of the white! So relaxing, so crisp. Carte blanche, which is how I arrive at my dressing table each morning!

Here are the little bottles of inspiration! How could I simply not be inspired?

I think these little acorns are fabulous. Something about the contrast of the rough, nature-y acorns against all of the pretty litte feminine things! Of course, I couldn't let them be totally devoid of they're painted white.


The Cape House said...

That is a breathtakingly beautiful table! I would want to spend all day there!

Sherrie said...

That is just gorgeous! TFS

Elizabeth B @ A Classic Pearl said...

Thank you! White is such a soothing color, isn't it?