Wednesday, June 23, 2010

David (Lawyer) vs. Elizabeth (PR)

Let me preface by saying I do not like to use my blog as a soapbox, sounding board, or for political platform. But today, after receiving an e-mail from David, I simply couldn't resist. 

So, here the story goes....

In my college public relations classes, I remember my professors saying lawyers and PR people will always be on opposites sides of crisis communications. In a nutshell, lawyers = no comment, PR people = we're sorry and we're an open book. How ironic that I, a PR major, would end up dating a law student graduate.

This clash has only recently become noticeable with the BP oil crisis. Before now, I had almost forgotten my professors' wise words. David and I have argued and argued about the oil crisis until blue in the face. Both incredibly stubborn, we rarely reach an agreement on anything, whether it's who should clean up after dinner or matters of social public policy. Luckily, we agree on most current events -- social and political. However, not in the case of BP. David's nasty, mean, ugly lawyer instincts have come out against my wonderful, lovely, great, super PR approach.

Today, I received an e-mail from David. After reading it, I just couldn't resist blogging it. It's so David and sooo lawyer-ly...lots of loooooonnnng sentences and lots of qualifying statements. Oh David. :)

His e-mail:

Also, I'd like your thoughts on the article below. It is essentially how I see the situation from BP's point of view, but stated much more clearly and concisely. Not siding with them or defending them, but just happen to be a little more level headed on this issue than most people. Maybe your giving a read will serve to exonerate me from any future floggings if I were to dare make a comment that could be construed as even slightly defensive of the good company from Great Britain.What do you think?

Lawyers...can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Perhaps I should post a confidentiality disclaimer at the bottom of future emails to avoid my words ending up in the blogosphere. How unlawyerly of me!