Sunday, June 27, 2010

2010 Birthday Recap

I promised pictures and here they are! 2010 was a wonderful, wonderful birthday year. From my sweet co-workers who know me oh so well to my thoughtful boyfriend, from my wonderful family and friends to the many Facebook "Happy Birthday" messages, it was an absolutely delightful day.

June 22 began with me walking into my office and seeing these resting above my otherwise gray cube:

Turning the corner, my eyes met this lovely sight: colorful Martha Stewart-inspired pom poms. I love pom poms!! No lie, I would pom-pom my entire house if I could.

And this. Pink and orange flower stickers everywhere, oh my!

A close-up of what was waiting for me:

A painting-themed birthday message with paintbrushes, palette and everything!

Gift basket full of art and paint supplies!

Remember how I said I matched my birthday decor. Pink and orange outfit.

My very own macaron book. Can't wait to begin experimenting!

French macarons from Continental Bakery. De-lish. (I ate 10 for breakfast if you remember.)

One of my birthday bouquets. (David gave me a bouquet of orange roses with pink tips. What a coincidence!)

All evidence of a lovely, lovely birthday! Thank you, thank you to everyone who made it such a special day.


Lacey said...

The invites are cute! You should get yours soon. Your bday looks like it was so fun and I've never had a macaron...

AnnieO said...

Love your orange skirt! I have it in pink and turquoise. As if it's necessary to have two versions of that skirt...

A Classic Pearl said...

It is ab-so-lute-ly necessary to have two versions of that skirt. Why didn't I think of that? I should have known you would have it, too.