Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm Insane

I think I want this. It's the new Insanity Workout Video. Similar to P90X, but supposedly better. Anyone who knows me right now is thinking, "Who has kidnapped E and taken over her blog?"

I hate exercise. I was a cheerleader from eighth grade until my sophomore year in college (My career was ended by a tragic ACL tear during a basketball halftime show. Lovely. Not at all my most embarrassing college moment.) Anyway, point is, I have never had to rely on willpower to exercise on my own. We practiced during school hours. Instead of gym class, we had cheerleading. Some of my Yankee friends, and I say that as lovingly as possible :), are probably wondering, "You practiced cheerleading during school hours?? No wonder you people are behind." And they are probably correct. I digress.

So, for overall health maintenance and to keep a weight that deems my wardrobe wearable, I have tried to cut back eating, but that has not and will not ever work. I love food and lots of it. I have tried to commit to running, going to the gym, etc. Not working. So, I want this video. I love workout videos. They're like interactive self-help books in my mind and I love self-help books.

We'll see. If I am still thinking about it in a week, I might take the dive. We've come a long way from Richard Simmons' videos, huh?


Katherine said...

I just love you to pieces. I laughed out loud while reading this. Not sure why...

A Classic Pearl said...

I'm happy I could make you laugh out loud at my expense :)