Friday, September 10, 2010



Tonight, David and I are going to the Birmingham Art Walk with Lacey and John. I was so delighted when Lacey invited us because I've been wanting to go, too. I think festivals are always more fun in groups, right? And the best part of this's free!
The Art Walk is a block party of sorts with local art and artists scattered at different locations, offices, buildings throughout the Loft District in the 'Ham. I've already scoped out all of the exhibiting artists and was thrilled to see one of my favorites...Kate Merritt Davis. These two paintings are both hers. Normally I am not a big abstract fan, however, there's just something about her colors that draw me in. Hmmm, could it be the flamboyant use of pastels, yes, perhaps, perhaps.

Can't wait to go tonight! Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!   

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