Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins! Colors, sizes, shapes, faces, carvings - with all of the options out there, how's a girl to choose? I consulted the Queen Bee of everything Halloween, pumpkins included. The one and only Martha Stewart. Hail to the chief. There's not a pumpkin she hasn't carved. Here are some Halloween options! All images below are from here.

Option 1: Words, like Boo or Trick or Treat

Option 2: Creatures like a snail or alligator -loving the snail!!!

Option 3: Faux bois - oui s'il vous plait

Option 4: An oh-so frightening feline

Option 5: Stars, starbursts, whatevah you like

Option 6: A Gourd Family

Option 7: Spooky haunted house

Option 8: Or a haunted mansion for those of you with loftier real estate goals

 Option 9: Blue, green and white lace pumpkins!!! How cottage chic!

Option 10: Night owl - whoo, whooo

Option 11: Or just take a number

Option 12: Full pumpkin-bodied owls - what a hooooot

Option 13: A porch o' pumpkins - so autumn.

Option 14: Witch, cat or bat silhouette

Option 15:  Totem pumpkin

Option 16: Scary scary witch 

Option 17:  Caged vulture

Option 18: Vine and leaves pumpkin 



LivKit said...

Cool pumpkin ideas! :)

Elizabeth @ A Classic Pearl said...

Thank you LivKit for leaving a comment! Happy Halloween!

Christening Invitations said...

The croc and owls were the most creative. Awesome post! :D