Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Roll Tartan Roll

Here it is...the official tartan design for the University of Alabama. I love it. Perhaps it will eliminate a lot of the not-so-nice-quality houndstooth designs. I must say, even as a UA fan, all that houndstooth is a little much. I love the crimson, white and gray. So pretty!


Tammy B said...

I'm not an Alabama fan (I went to Auburn), but I voted for that tartan. Did it win? I never saw the results of the voting, but I see that tartan everywhere. The creator is originally from the same county where my mother live.

Elizabeth @ A Classic Pearl said...

Hi Tammy B! Thanks for leaving a comment. Yes, this was the winning pattern. I haven't seen it yet though. I can't wait to see scarves and clothing in this pattern!

A Wedding Story said...

Love this!!