Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Busy Bee Sue

Warning: this may be a slightly boring/less interesting post than normal, just a couple of life updates and random musings.
  • Last week, my job took me to Williamsburg, Virginia. When I tell others about my trip, I always hear, "Ohhh, Williamsburg. I love Williamsburg or I've always wanted to go there." While I do think it's a nice place, I don't understand the fascination. It feels a bit like an adult Disneyland. Because we always go to this event around Christmas, I always feel like I've been dropped into one of those petite Christmas village scenes you see in Hallmark stores. I suppose it's pretty in a historic kind of way, but I feel weird seeing people walk around in colonial garb, saying "Welcome to Ye Olde Tavern," especially when you can see their Honda Accord parked two blocks away.   
  • I'm hosting my first Christmas soiree/Dirty Santa/Tacky Christmas sweater party. I felt that the addition of themes boosted the fun factor. I'm super super stoked. I feel like this lady.I almost pee my pants watching this video.
  • The annual Holiday art show at my art teacher's house is here! It's Friday December 10. I'll be posting some pics of my submitted paintings! Wish me luck on sales.


Candace said...

The video was "freakin" hiliarious. I love it. I discovered your blog on your FB page a few weeks ago. I love reading it.

Miss you guys

Elizabeth @ A Classic Pearl said...

Candace! I'm so excited you're a blog reader! Thanks for the comment. Miss you, too. Hope we can work out our annual Dirty Santa.