Monday, December 13, 2010

Dirty Santa & Tacky Christmas Sweater Party...Sort of

So, um, yeah, David and I hosted a Dirty Santa/Cocktails & Appetizers/Tacky Christmas Sweater Party all in one this past Saturday. As you will soon see in the photos, David sorta forgot to relay the tacky Christmas sweater part to everyone, only a few some of whom thought David was only joking. So that left us and one other couple. Needless to say, we loved our sweaters :)

David and I began making our very own Christmas sweaters on Thursday night. Surprisingly, Wal-Mart had all of the necessary supplies grouped together - fabric paint, jingle bells, felt red balls, and of course google-y eyes!!!

 David insisted on doing his own. We formed an assembly line...of sorts.

And voila! Here they are - our his and her sweat shirts! David's decided to make his an "eight point"  to express his creative spirit. I on the other hand added a red hair bow, green earrings and a pearl necklace because what girl reindeer leaves home without a pearl necklace?

And here we are modeling our his and her sweat shirts. Notice my Christmas light bulb necklace and reindeer clothes pin.

I actually had to purchase a women's XXL for David because Wal-Mart apparently doesn't want men wearing white sweat shirts. So... the sweat shirt was extremely short on David. To correct said problem, David decided that tucking it in would be better. So much better right? Wronnngg. But I think it adds to the whole tacky/nerdy costume aspect of the whole thing.

And we had to do a classic photo shot of the reindeer drinking wine. David's google-y eyes got stuck in that position from the heat of the glue gun. I couldn't look at him without laughing hysterically. 

Libby and Jonathan (shout out to Jonathan who reads the blog!), Lauren and Philip

Some took Dirty Santa as being "naughty"....

Lizzie drew a Santa beer hat...

Wes drew some cotton string bikini briefs.... just what every single guy out there needs.

We ended the night with a Christmas card photo opp.


Jessica said...

The crazy eye on David's sweater is cracking me up!! Too funny!

mrs.mfc said...

You two did SUCH a great job with the shirts!!!!! LOVE!!!

Lacey said...

So fun! David is so wild. haha

Miss Southern Prep said...

Those sweaters are cracking me up! Love them!

Elizabeth @ A Classic Pearl said...

Thanks for all of the sweater love!

Jamie said...

Ok, I know I am late but I just laughed out loud at your pearl necklace on your reindeer! LOVE IT!