Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blush and Bashful

This past Saturday, I helped (i.e. set-up, moral support, breakdown and clean-up) Mom and her two friends throw a shower for a family friend's son's bride-to-be. Did you get all that? What a mouthful!!

The venue was a local, historic bed and breakfast. I thought Mom did a great job with the decor, so I wanted to have a mini-brag book moment. Indulge me if you will.

A welcome sign on the front porch to greet all the guests. Mom picked stole fresh camelias from an abandoned house the afternoon before. They were the prettiest baby pink, and they looked so lovely in her vintage planters.

A wide shot of the table decor. The shower was a cake and coffee shower, so there were sweets set up throughout the room.  

Cherry Almond Pops a la Barefoot Contessa that were homemade by none other than my Mom herself! So delicious. Perfect blend of salty marcona almonds and sweet chocolate and cherries. YUM. 

 Old-fashioned teacakes also homemade by Mom. Do I sound like a proud daughter or what!

Angel food cake in the center (homemade by Mom!) and Coconut frosted cake with pineapple filling. Hehhhveeen. 

Another shot of the table. We had three cakes all made by Teresa's Catering (big shout out to Teresa who is the BEST!) The flavors were chocolate chocolate, white chocolate raspberry and coconut pineapple. My favorite was the white chocolate, I mean chocolate chocolate, I mean coconut pineapple, I mean white chocolate.....ahhhh! It's like choosing a favorite child that I don't have.

Here's the chocolate chocolate with the icing modeled after Martha Stewart's pink number.

We used cake stands and cloches to house pastel pink marshmallows. They added a touch of whimsy to the table. Some thought that Mom dyed the marshmallows. Now, she's good, but she ain't that good.

And of course, a lemonade stand at a Southern shower, dahling.

I am obsessed with these vintage paper straws. They make any drink fun.

The bride opening all her gifts with her mother and mother-in-law to be in the back.

Another shot. Sorry it's blury. She had so many gifts to open, I couldn't catch her in still shot!

A final, parting shot. I love this image. It's almost like it says, party's over. Plus it looks super yummy. Don't you just want a slice o' cake?


living well said...

What a fun party! Everything looks fabulous!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for the comment and Happy Friday!

AO said...

Dang, Miss Beverly is GOOD. If someone ever wants to marry me, she'll have to be involved in some way. Don't worry, she's got at least a decade or two to prepare.