Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reading Material

I checked my mailbox after work and was oh-so-pleasantly surprised to discover that my little 5"x5" mouse trap of a box was crammed FULL of goodies. I love when it's brimming with catalogs and magazines. There's nothing more depressing than checking your mail only to find one envelope promoting a credit card offer.

So, tonight I am sitting on my white chaise lounge, eating homemade teacakes (thanks Mom!) and enjoy my goodies! Pure-ty heaven, I tell you.

Left column, top to bottom: Bostonia (my Boston Univ alum magazine which I LOVE), Wisteria, Romantic Homes, Vanity Fair, James Avery (not sure why I received this but ah well), and Boden.

Right column, top to bottom: InStyle, Country Living, Martha Stewart Living February (it never arrived so I requested a re-send), Martha Stewart Living March (I just realized as typing that I must be on the late subscriber list), and Town & Country.

Are there any other magazines/catalogs I need to get?


Jessica said...

Oh I agree. There is nothing better than opening the mailbox to find a magazine or a hand written note from a friend.

I am loving Better Homes and Gardens right now. My April issue was in the mailbox last night and I sipped wine and enjoyed! (although tea cakes would have made it even better)

Elizabeth said...

BH&G? Really, hmm, I'll have to start flipping through that one at the checkout line.

I wish I had wine last night. Perhaps we should join magazine-reading forces and eat teacakes and drink wine?