Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rug Love

I'm a bit totally obsessed with rugs lately. After seeing this floral rug online at Urban Outfitters, I decided I had to have this. So, yesterday, after work, I hopped into the store and snagged this puppy for $18! I love the pastel colors, the water-color look of the rug, and the floral print. So pretty and so pleasing. Since it was such a steal, I felt as though I had to share.

Here are some other cute (and inexpensive) rugs:

Like this 2x3 green and white polka dot rug with a lacy dot edge. This one is also $18.

Or this 2x3 bicycle rug for $18. I love bicycles!!!

Or this 3x5 watercolor flower print rug for $34. 


Meredith! said...

i love these rugs!! the one you bought is definitely my fav though! and $18 is a steal!

the joy of gift giving said...

Thanks for your comment! I know, $18 is a total steal!