Thursday, June 9, 2011


Not a big news day at A Classic Pearl. So, I thought I'd share a few random things that I'm ohb-sesssed with.

Obsession #1: Biscoff cookies. I was first introduced to these on a Delta flight oddly enough. For those of you who thought you had to fly to enjoy those tasty ginger cookies, surprise! Your local grocery store now carries them. I have to stop myself from eating the entire package at one sitting. 
image from here

Obsession #2: Real Housewives of New York. I know, I know. I love it. It's horrible TV, but I love it. By the way, did anyone else think that Luann was awful tonight?

Obession #3: My LL Bean Boat Tote except mine is turquoise and monogrammed, of course.

Obsession #4: Tyler Candle in Gardenia. This must be what heaven smells like.


Southern Charm said...

I'm thinking about getting a boat and tote bag, would you recommend the regular or long handles? I'm considering using for toting around books and such at school. Thanks!

Elizabeth said...

Southern Charm - I had the same question when I purchased mine. I opted for the regular handles and I can still slip them over my shoulder. I got the zipped version too, which I really like because it can be closed off. Now, LLBean lets you customize a lot more options - enjoy creating your own tote! Would love to see pics on your blog of what you choose.