Thursday, June 28, 2012

ten year reunion: part two

So, I've covered the pre-party get together in my part one post. Now on to the good stuff - the actual reunion.

Indulge me while I share some pictures of the decorations I helped with and then we'll get to the 'mates.

Our reunion was held at Jake's in downtown Alex. City. Owners Trissie and Jake were more than accommodating throughout the evening. Such a great event venue.

Of course, the name cards had to have a paw. Go Wildcats. 

And who doesn't want a koozie? Go Wildcats. 

To flank the entrance, I made a bunting banner - Welcome....

Class of 2002. 

And lanterns to set the mood. 

Makes me think of the song. 

Hydrangeas in turquoise mason jars for centerpieces

Heather and Jenna

 A picture of David and me sporting our name tags. Heather (in the picture above) created these great chalkboard name tags - such a great idea. 

We asked one of our fellow classmates Kyle to grace us with his singing talent. 


We just couldn't get enough time we had an after party. 

Here's to the class of 2002 (state champs in football - had to throw that in) and to our first of many reunions to come. It was a great time - we begged Jake's to stay open for one more hour just so we could have some more time together. And graciously, they did.

You only have your ten-year reunion once and I'm so happy to have been a part. It's funny how the petty ups and downs fade away, leaving you only with good memories and hilarious stories that make you laugh so hard you cry.

I can't wait for the next ten years. Go Wildcats. Woo! (my high school cheerleader is coming out)

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