Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer, so far.

Summer 2012 has been a summer of weddings and lake weekends, spending time with friends and cookouts. It has been great and there's still more to come.

For my birthday, I got a shiny new white camera - a Nikon 1. I've been snapping away like crazy. And, best part: when I put the camera strap to use, I look like a little Asian tourist.

Here's what I've documented so far....

The fearless boat driver, always listening to everyone's requests.  
Turn up the music. Turn it down! Can we go faster? Why are we going so fast! Can we stop to swim? When are we going to leave?
I know I'm partial, but I wish he'd wear white more often.

Summer and Justin, love these two. Sweet, sweet couple. 

 A mid-afternoon stop at Chuck's Marina. Our friend Adam had to get himself a Hawaiian pizza.

Of course, what would a summer be without some good ol' fashion tubing? 

My sweet Lucy. She has been everywhere with us. 

Most recently, we had a lake weekend with a group of friends. And, Mr. Derryl, David's dad graciously agreed to drive us on his lovely boat for the day. 

All the ladies got to sit atop the boat on the sun deck. It was THE most perfect day. 

The shade lovers. 

Since we missed the Lake Martin Poker Run, we held our own mini poker run of sorts. Matthew kept tabs on everyone's cards. 

The one and only Joe Freeman.

Our first stop at the Cabana for a little dip in the infinity pool and some cool drinks. 

Kevin and Anna, our soon-to-be husband and wife. 

 Another stop at one of Lake Martin's watering holes, Sinclair's.

I love this shot of David and his Dad. 

 Group shot.

Once we returned home, we had these sweet faces waiting on us. Lucy....and...

Nigel. They had an equally great time that weekend. 

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