Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blank Canvas

Apologies for the lack of posts. New job = fewer posts. A new job also means a new space to decorate. Just when I was gettin' low on space!

I have been experiencing some trouble in deciding how to decorate and what to decorate with. The majority of my day is spent there, so I want to make it my own and make it a comfortable and welcoming place to work. However, I also like my cute tchotskies to be in my house. I guess if it really came down to it, I could award custody to the job weekdays and allow the house to have them on the weekends. Hopefully, it won't come to that.

So, calling all suggestions for beautiful office things. Please let me know some suggestions or any websites or stores to check out! I am looking for shabby chic, pastel-colored thingamabobs.


1. White Lamp with Shade
2. Picture Frames
3. Books
4. Decorative and creative pencil/pen cup
5. Cute, but lightweight things to hang
6. Tchotskies galore


Anonymous said...

Hey Elizabeth, my one suggestion is Swoozy's! If you have not been you will be a fanatic like me, they have a website but the store is located at the Summit. Call me, you know I love an excuse to go shopping! Amy

Elizabeth B @ A Classic Pearl said...

I love Swoozie's and would also love an excuse to go! I just love to look!