Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

In my humble decorating opinion, I think a mirror is one of the easiest ways to add depth and brighten a room. And with all the great mirrors out there, why resist? My apartment has recently welcomed two new mirrors.

The first mirror has assumed its place in the living room, anchoring the wall above my sofa. I am so pleased with how it looks. Loving that coastal, casual-beach vibe.

For months, months I tell you, I looked for a large, inexpensive piece to hang on that wall. Finally, I found it at Ballard's Backroom, which is a closeout center for unsold items in the Ballard Designs catalog. It can be a hit or miss, as with most outlets, but why pay full price? I saved over $200 on this mirror.

 Fortunately, for the next mirror, I have a before picture. Before I had a swing-mounted mirror in my bedroom, which I had for a good10 years. See it in the corner?

Now, I have a leaner! Again, I have dreamed of having a leaner mirror. I love the instant charm they add to a room. BUT, I refused to pay anything close to the $200++ price range I was finding. This weekend, Mom and I found this beauty at Home Goods priced in the double digits. Waahoo.


Lauren Geiger said...

LOOOOOOVE your new mirror in your living room. Such a good find!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you Lauren! If you're ever in the Atlanta area, you definitely need to check out the Backroom.

Miss Sweet Tea said...

beautiful spaces! i love all of the white, looks so clean! and i'm loving the mirrors as well :)

living well said...

I love that mirror too! I completely agree about using mirrors when decorating. I searched high and low to find the perfect bamboo mirror to hang above my fireplace and now that it's there, I love it!

Jessie Carlson said...

Leaner mirrors are a good way to make a place feel taller than it really is. With the help of a wall mirror you may add light to the space. This is truly a massive improvement for compact spaces since the added light will certainly make the area seem to be bigger than it really is.