Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

What a fantastic weekend! Lots o' fun on Lake Martin!

Hanging out at Chimney Rock

Went to Art on the Lake, a local art show at Children's Harbor. That's me with the big sun hat. Somehow, I still managed to get too much sun.

 Always have to snap a picture of our fearless boat driver

Our friend Nate, or as he's come to be known, Nate Dog getting his taste of wakeboarding

David also decided to wakeboard. I couldn't believe he could still do a backflip.

The girls, on the otherhand, decided to slalom ski. That's me. My friend Jenna said I looked like a five year old on the water. I didn't know how serious she was being until I saw this picture of me.

Here's Jenna slalom skiing! We were both so sore afterwards. I feel like a 75 year old woman. 

After we returned to Birmingham yesterday, we went to Chuy's to celebrate our friend - Katherine - on her birthday! Here's the birthday girl with her husband Jonathan. Lizzie had to get in the picture, too. 

The gang. 

Me with David, sunburned and exhausted. 

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Candace said...

Hey girl!! Kristen and I were so sad that our long standing tradition of spending time on the lake with the family for Memorial Day has come to an end. Glad you had a great time. Hope to see you guys soon!! Laura and I decided we will have to start a new tradition maybe at the beach!!